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So what am I paying for?

Good question!

It's true that there is plenty of good quality, free information out there... if you have the time. knowledge and patience to dig it up.

Even so, it's often hit miss.

Swells are frequently overestimated or underestimated, winds are wrong, and you get the feeling it's all generated by a machine. Either that or a very bored, or very interstate surf reporter...

Wouldn't you rather have:

As a surfsouthoz VIP you don't have to go looking, or join the dots. You don't have to wonder if you're missing out, or wasting time and money planning a weekend when the surf will be rubbish.

You get real, timely information collated and written by actual South Australian humans.

South Oz is where we live

In these uncertain times, it's almost impossible to fly to those dreamy, far off locations on surf trips. For the foreseeable future, you're gonna be mostly surfing in SA. Why wouldn't you spend the price of a coffee a month on a great South Australian surf product that saves you time, money, and keeps you stoked?

Once you sign up for surfsouthoz VIP, you become a member of a South Australian online surfing community that has access to information most people don't. The membership is capped at around 1100, give or take, and once the venue is full you'll have to queue to get in.

Alright! Alright! You convinced me!

Then just click here to scroll back up the page, click one of the two blue buttons for the $5.50 a month or discounted $49.99 a year package, and you're on your way.

Still not sold?

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